Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Solomon Burke -Take Me (Just As I Am) (Atlantic 2416)

Take Me (Just As I Am)

Hey everybody, here's that other 'Chips-Moman-Dan Penn' production I was talking about over on the B side.

Just like Cheater Man, it's a cover of a Penn-Oldham tune that had been released by Dan Penn earlier on Fame. This certainly is the definitive version, as the King of Rock and Soul takes it home and makes it his own. I love the ad-libbed name check of his future Soul Clan members, and I believe this is the first appearance on record of his admonition to all of us lovers to give our woman 'what she wants, when she wants it, how she wants it, where she wants it, and every time she thinks she wants it' (which, believe it or not, he would use as our wedding vows all those years later...). I'm lovin' the Sweet Inspirations there at the end, man!

Absolutely top shelf stuff.


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great track

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