Monday, February 25, 2008

Sam Hutchins - I'm Tired Of Pretending (AGP 106)

I'm Tired Of Pretending

Here's one of those great Sam Hutchins records I was talking about on The B Side. What a voice this guy has, huh? Another fantastic Moman-Cogbill production of a Masqueraders (Jones-Thomas) composition, it's records like these that demonstrate the depth of what was going on at American in those days.

Like I said, you can go see Mister Hutchins sing with the Masqueraders on Beale Street most Friday nights. How cool is that?

This 45 was submitted by one of our newest soul detectives, Peter McKernan. Thanks, brother!


Blogger The Purist said...

what a genuinely beautiful song! great post !

9:46 AM  

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