Monday, July 21, 2008

Lattimore Brown - Don't Trust No One (77 2144)

Don't Trust No One

When Lattimore pointed this side out as one of the songs he had recorded at Stax, I figured it was the flip of I'm Not Through Lovin' You (now up on The B Side), but I was wrong. The upbeat I've Got Everything (My Baby Needs), another great record, has that distinction, and while it definitely sounds like it was recorded at those Stax sessions, this cut here has more of that MG thang goin' on, in my (and Lattimore's) opinion. Cropper's guitar just rocks.

Apparently left 'in the can' for years, it wasn't released until John R started up his 77 label in the early seventies. Once again, I love the way Lattimore goes off there on the fade-out; " you know sometimes I don't even trust myself! What a character, man!


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