Thursday, December 18, 2008

Charles Brown - Christmas In Heaven (Jewel 814)

Christmas In Heaven

With the possible exception of Nat 'King' Cole, the first person I think of when it comes to Christmas music is Charles Brown . The composer of two yuletide standards, Merry Christmas Baby and Please Come Home For Christmas, his music will continue to be heard as long as people still hang up 'dem socks. Despite the seemingly infinite cover versions of both of those songs, Brown's originals are still the best I've heard (although neither of those King 45 versions appear to be available here in the digital age!).

Both of them get a lot of play in the ol' jukebox this time of year, though, as does this great tune we have here. Again written by Charles (with an obligatory co-writer's credit given to Jewel label owner, Stan Lewis), it was cut in 1970.

Merry Christmas, everybody!


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