Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Box Tops - Cry Like A Baby (Mala 593)

Cry Like A Baby

Another tragic loss, Memphis legend Alex Chilton is dead after an apparent heart attack at only 59 years of age. Performing again with The Box Tops and Big Star recently, he was scheduled to appear at both SXSW and Memphis in May this Spring.

More than any other single record cut at American, this is the one that defined a generation.

Produced by Dan Penn, who wrote it with his best pal Spooner Oldham, the 17 year old Chilton takes this incredible song and makes it his own.

I had planned on using this 45 to kick off my new American Singles series, as they just don't come any better than this...

May God Rest His Soul.


Anonymous Jordan said...

His presence was very significant in music industry. I also think that he was a man who leaves a huge legacy. My family and I are going to watch his videos and listening to his music tonight. May he rest in peace now…

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Charles said...

I'm sorry about the death of the big star. I really admire this singer. Although it had no songs are still many who hear it.

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Stewart said...

My deep sympathy goes to Alex Chilton's family. May he rest in peace. I really like hearing his music. He was a great musician...

9:18 PM  
Anonymous mugwort said...

Yes Alex Chilton I think will be missed by everyone who liked soulful shouters of passionate emotions. I know I miss him.
He was such a powerful vocalist.

7:04 PM  

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