Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bobby Womack - Broadway Walk (Minit 32030)

Broadway Walk

I know I included this amazing record in my B Side post about Darryl Carter, but at that time I still hadn't found a copy of the original 45. I finally scored one last month, and I figured I'd put it up here for you in all of its mono vinyl grandeur.

I had assumed it was a B side, because it was the flip, Somebody Special, that was chosen to be included on his debut album Fly Me To The Moon, but the star on the label indicates that this was considered the 'plug side'. Why they decided to leave off this big fat monster of a floor filler that we have here is beyond me. Go figure. I asked Darryl about that, and he said when it was released the disk-jockeys were still "pretty much just throwing Bobby's records in the garbage."

Produced by 'Chips Moman of American Sound Studios', this killer side is a snapshot of 827 Thomas Street in its absolute prime - when Womack, Darryl Carter, Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham were all in the house, and Tommy Cogbill was still playing bass. As I said on the other side, "With shout outs to Pickett and the Godfather, this one should have been as big as Funky Broadway or Skinny Legs and All..."

Only it wasn't.

Following Bootsy Collins' public announcement that Bobby is suffering from colon cancer, Bobby put this up on his Facebook Page; “My family, friends and I are looking forward to a successful surgery and speedy recovery. I want to thank all of my fans for their prayers, love and well wishes. I look forward to seeing all of you on the road in support of my new release.”

So do I... get well soon, Bobby!


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