Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bobby Byrd - I Know You Got Soul (King 6378)

I Know You Got Soul

It did my heart good to see Bobby Byrd reunited with The Godfather at his memorial service in Augusta today. Bobby's family took James in when he was released from juvenile prison back in 1952, and the two men were, literally, like brothers.

Byrd was a founding member of the Famous Flames, and the second most recognizable voice in JB's music. That's him singing 'Get On Up' on Sex Machine, telling James not to get 'so funky' on Make It Funky (to which, in my personal favorite moment in all of Brown's recorded legacy, he replies "I can't help it, Byrd"), and chanting Soul Power behind the man himself.

This big fat slice of funk was released in May of 1971 (somewhere between Soul Power and Hot Pants), and is one of the first records to showcase that Fred Wesley and The JBs sound that would dominate the next few years of Brown's People releases. As anybody who's ever been to one of our parties can tell you, this has long been a favorite of mine, and never fails to get people out on the floor.

Despite the clueless boneheads at CNN talking over most of the music at The Godfather's send-off (and cutting to a commercial during Bootsy Collins' bass solo!), it was absolutely incredible to see Byrd and Wesley performing this almighty song together again.

Soul Brother Number Two, baby!

Friday, December 08, 2006

George Jackson - Find' Em, Fool 'Em And Forget 'Em (Fame 1457)

Find 'Em, Fool 'Em And Forget 'Em

This fantastic A side of our recent George Jackson post was just too good to pass up. Although it may become available on a CD soon, you can say you heard it here first. The co-writer on this one is none other than Rick Hall himself. I love the way George says "remember the four F's", even though there are only three listed in the title... Dig that crazy fuzzed out wah-wah guitar, baby!

Like I said on the other side, this is either one of the last sessions with the 'second' Fame rhythm section of Johnson, Beckett, Hawkins and Hood, or one of the first with Junior Lowe's Fame Gang.

It's all good!